The Most Popular Baby Names Of 2016 (So Far)

These days, baby names really run the gamut—from shockingly ordinary to phonetically challenging, anything goes in 2016. This notion is (in part) supported by Nameberry’s latest findings on the most popular monikers from the first half of the year; Olivia claims the number-one spot for girls, while Ezra nabs the top honor for boys. The most popular names for both categories range from classic to unique—should Blake Lively or any other expecting mothers be in need of inspiration for their little ones, perhaps this list is a good starting point. See the top 10 names of 2016 (so far) for girls and boys below, and head to Nameberry for the full breakdown.

Girls 1. Olivia 2. Amelia 3. Charlotte 4. Ava 5. Isla 6. Arabella 7. Aurora 8. Adeline 9. Isabella 10. Mia

Boys 1. Ezra 2. Asher 3. Atticus 4. Declan 5. Oliver 6. Milo 7. Silas 8. Levi 9. Wyatt 10. Henry