8 Things All LA Girls Are Obsessed With

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Sometimes, life in LA feels like a parody of life in LA. As much as we Angelenos try not to fall in step with the stereotypes, they can be hard to avoid. We do like to hike, talk about traffic, and drink green juice with abandon. Here, eight less obvious—and yet very “LA”—things all it-girl Angelenos are currently obsessing over (and which maybe you should be, too).

Moon Juice

We can think of few places in the world where a shop which boasts plant-based alchemy as its main commodity would be so warmly embraced as Moon Juice has been in Los Angeles. You'd be hard-pressed to find an it girl in the city who doesn't stock Moon Dust, or any number of the company's other holistic health and beauty products, in her pantry, medicine cabinet and beyond.

Alfred Coffee

Alfred Coffee is to Los Angeles what Starbucks was to Seattle way back when. Like Moon Juice, a lot of the company's appeal lies in its marketing, which has proven to be incredibly Instagram-friendly. These days, LA's it girls are all about Alfred's matcha lattes—the green tea beverages are yet another ubiquitous SoCal obsession.


We'll never get over LA-based label Reformation, but we've definitely had to make room in our hearts (and closets) for Staud, a newer label created by former Ref fashion director Sarah Staudinger last year. If you're ever coming to Los Angeles and are unsure of how to dress, we suggest you visit the Staud e-shop for an quintessentially LA, cool-girl makeover that will help you blend (while simultaneously enabling you to standout).


LA girls anxiously await new product releases from Glossier the way most people anxiously await new seasons of Game of Thrones. The beauty brand's cult offerings often sellout upon release, making waitlist-beauty a thing. Our favorite Glossier product is the Haloscope highlighter, though we're basically bathing in the company's newest creations, a collection of super-luxe serums.


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In LA, we keep crystals on our desks, by our bedside, in our bras and now, it seems, even in our hosiery. One of our editors recently went so far as to try a crystal healing. Want in on this '70s throwback trend? Find your perfect crystal here.

La Croix

Our La Croix obsession may have gone mainstream, but that hasn't stopped us from stocking up. We'd bet money that every fridge in Silver Lake currently contains a case of La Croix, most likely of the new, extra-hipster "Curate" variety.

Designer Ice Cream

Health nuts though we are, ice cream is not something we shun and yes, we've been known to snack on frozen flavors as "out there" as avocado, goat cheese and even thai curry pumpkin.

Poké Bowls

To be honest, we love bowls of all kinds—burrito bowls, grain bowls... you name it, we're throwing it on top of rice and eating it out of circular dishes at premium price points. It won't be long before there's a poké shop on every corner, next to an Alfred's, a Moon Juice and an ice cream stand selling Moon Dust-infused, matcha-and-poké-flavored treats served out of crystal cones.