Kylie Jenner Debuted A New Hair Length Again

We were just getting used to seeing Kylie in her waist-length platinum blonde hair, but as usual she didn’t keep the look for long. On Snapchat she posed for a few photos and we couldn’t help but notice that her blonde hair is now cut to a shoulder-length graze. However, one question remains—is it real?


There is always a lot of fuss around celebrity hair changes, often followed by the revelation that they are in fact wearing wigs, extensions, or even faux bangs. Kylie has always been open about her love of wigs, and has a huge collection to credit for her ever-changing looks. On the other hand, many celebrities won't even address the matter, despite how many times their fake hair transformations make headlines. The shock value of seeing our favorite stars looking like entirely different people doesn't look like it'll be getting old any time soon.


As a beauty editor turned celebrity hair investigator, I can almost guarantee that Kylie's hair will look different again within a few days, and there'll be many other faux celebrity hair changes in the meantime. Take the inspiration with a pinch of salt, or try a wig yourself. Watch this space for tips.