Kate Middleton Met Alexa Chung, And Now The World Is Perfect

Our capacity for girl crushes knows no bounds, and there are certain women we adore above all others. And when two of them are photographed together in their finest, our heads explode. Such was the case at the Fourth Annual National Portrait Gallery Gala, where the Duchess of Cambridge finally met the queen of cool, Alexa Chung. Both style stars looked chic, of course, the former in Temperley London and the latter in Loewe. Other notables were also in attendance, but we can’t bring ourselves to care, because we’re fantasizing about the newfound friendship we imagine is developing between two of our favorite ladies: Alexa can be the ever-so-slightly naughty one of the pair, the Carrie Bradshaw to Kate’s Charlotte York, introducing her to bad-boy rock stars and late nights on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Kate, meanwhile, will obviously introduce Alexa to some gentleman of the upper crust who will, at long last, tame Alexa into socialite domesticity. Their kids will grow up to be best friends, with Baby William eventually proposing to Alexa’s (yet to be conceived) daughter, thereby making her a princess. It’s perfect, isn’t it?.