This Is The Coolest Feature Of The iPhone 7

Every time Apple announces they’re going to release a new version of the iPhone, we tell ourselves that this time, we won’t fall prey to their clever marketing, and that we will instead remain perfectly satisfied with our current phone (one we were perfectly satisfied with until they made said announcement). Then, the new phone comes out, and we experience instant FOMO. The iPhone 7’s release is proving to be no exception, as despite our best efforts to remain unmoved by their latest efforts, we are moved. That is to say that we want one, ASAP.

This desire is due to any number of factors, not the least of which include the gadget’s new colorways, improved battery life and newfound ability to resist dust and water. That said, we’re most excited about the phone’s new camera, because we, like everyone else, are addicted to social media and basically live to photograph (often inane) things. The iPhone 7 has two cameras—one of which is a 7mg front-facing camera for selfie optimization—a 10x telephoto zoom and a two-tone flash, which lets in 50% more light. It will also be able to automatically set technical elements like white balance, reduce noise when capturing video and distinguish the image’s foreground from its background. Additionally, the camera’s sensor is, according to Apple, 60% faster and 30% more efficient. In other words, this camera is amazing and we all need it if we have any hope of taking photos that are as good as those taken by everyone else from this point forward.

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