Instagram Has Finally Figured Out How To Save Us From Ourselves

If you aren’t constantly editing your Instagram feed, we are really jealous of your unshakeable confidence. We’re always scrolling through our posts to check in on the overall image that the posts present, and we’re definitely not above deleting the odd cringe-inducing photos we now regret posting. But finally, Instagram has finally figured out a way for us to waffle when it comes to decisions like these without it being overly awkward or obvious just how insecure we are. The platform’s new “archive” feature will allow you to hide posts that you no longer want to share with your followers, and then un-hide them when you change your mind again and decide said photos were cool after all.

The feature isn’t currently available for all users, but this writer is among the lucky with early access (which she is already abusing with abandon). To see if you can archive your posts, go to a photo, click on the menu in the right-hand corner of the screen, and look for the “archive” call to action. It’s really fun, mostly because it makes you feel less psychotic. Now that Instagram has accomplished this shame-saving task, we suggest they focus on integrating some sort of breathalyzer function into their story feature because there are still so many ways to humiliate yourself on social media.