Watch This To Take The Best Selfies On Instagram

We’re always looking for ways to improve the quality of our photographs, as these days even the most “candid” shots on social media look like they were taken by a professional. Luckily, Apple just released a dozen videos aimed at educating us on the myriad features of its iPhone cameras, many of which we were unaware. The series, “How to Shoot on iPhone 7,” includes all kinds of fun tidbits—like the fact that you can use the volume buttons on your phone to take photos. Did you guys know that? We didn’t, and our minds are blown. Other potential pertinent videos in the series: “How to Shoot a Selfie with a Timer,” “How to Edit a Selfie” and “How to Shoot a Backlit Subject.” We know we should be working right now, but it’s Friday and we can’t focus so, instead, we’re just going to be watching videos on how to optimize our weekend selfies. We don’t know what your work situation is, but we think you should do the same. And if you get fired for it, you can always make a career out of Instagram modeling, like the other 80% of the millennial population.