What You Need To Know About Tequila On National Tequila Day

Here’s something that’ll undoubtedly better your Monday: Today is National Tequila Day, which means it’s totally acceptable to ditch work early for an extra margarita at happy hour. (Summer Mondays should be a thing, no?) But before reaching for the salt and lime, we’ve got some fun facts for you to toss around come 5pm. First off, did you know that tequila must be made in the Mexican state of Jalisco to be recognized as real tequila? Or that, once harvested, agave plants are caramelized in a pressure cooker, crushed to extract sugars, fermented for several days and finally distilled in copper pots to be aged in oak barrels? Don’t worry, you still have a few hours to memorize the process to impress your coworkers. Cheers—or should we say, salud—to that.