How Models Get Ready For Fashion Week

While it’s true that designers are perpetually in the spotlight during fashion week, models are given a serious moment as well. So how do these busy beauties get ready for the catwalk? We tapped Ford models Evelyn Rose and Kim Jaspers to dish on their tips and tricks for getting runway-ready ahead of NYFW.

Homepage image: @_evelyn_rose



"I'm a huge fan of the Chanel Hydra Beauty Mask. It hydrates, protects and leaves my skin noticeably glowing. The instructions say you only have to put it on your face for five minutes, but whenever I use it I just keep it on overnight and the next morning my skin feels so soft!" —Kim

"I put coconut oil all over my body to stay moisturized and even leave it in my hair overnight as a mask." —Evelyn



"During a show last season, I picked up a great recipe for a DIY hair mask. All you need is one avocado, two spoonfuls of olive oil and one spoonful of lemon juice—mix and leave it in your hair for 20 minutes. It works wonders!" —Kim



"During fashion week I try to walk to every casting to get my daily exercise because I don't have time to hit the gym." —Kim

"I do a lot of meditation—it keeps me focused and mentally balanced for a busy schedule. Sometimes I even practice my breathing on the train—it's the best way to feel on top of things and in control." —Evelyn



"Before fashion week I try to eat lots of fruits and veggies and avoid alcohol and soft drinks. I take vitamins B, C and D and a few special supplements for my hair. I also drink a lot of water in combination with juices—it sounds cliché, but it really helps me look and feel my best." —Kim

"I start my day with lemon water followed by ginger tea, and before I leave for shows I usually have a green tea to keep me awake and alert. The supplements I take daily are vitamin C, turmeric, apple cider vinegar and flax seed oil, which is great for your skin." —Evelyn