How This Mobile Tool Is Changing Voting In The Digital Age

So long, DMV application forms. A new service that launched today allows voters to register via text or Facebook Messenger, changing the face of the daunting process for more than 90 percent of Americans who own a mobile phone. HelloVote is the first text-based tool targeted at millennial and minority voters, effectively shortening the registration process to less than a minute. It works in just a few steps: To start, voters can text HelloVote at 384-387 or message HelloVote on Facebook, then fill out a form that asks for basic information such as name, address and state-based eligibility. The drawback is that the service currently works in only six states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Massachusetts and Virginia (we’re hoping it goes nationwide soon). If you live in one of those places, help get out the vote by sharing this news on social media ahead of National Voter Registration Day next Tuesday.