Girl Scout Cookies Are Now Available On Amazon, So We’re Burning Our Bikinis

Part of the allure of the Girl Scout cookie phenomenon has always been the limited availability of the sweet treats—it’s as if you were dating the cookies, and you think you want them all the time, but maybe that’s precisely because you can’t have them all the time? Well, we’re about to find out what’s what when it comes to our obsession with Samoas

, Tagalongs, Thin Mints

and the like, because they’re now available on Amazon. Yes, friends, that’s right—you can now order Girl Scout cookies with one click of a button, which is potentially the most thrilling-yet-dangerous statement we’ve written since “Today is National Pizza Day.” The good news here is that we can finally fulfill our lifelong dream of becoming Bridget Jones, mindlessly shoveling cookings into our maws while weeping over repeat episodes of This Is Us. (Or, in other words, do the same thing we’ve been doing with Oreos for years but with even better cookies.) Only time will tell if the newfound availability of these cult classics will diminish their desirability, but we’re guessing our nutritionists will intervene before such an eventuality sees itself to fruition.