Gifts To Give According To Their Favorite Emoji

It may be hard to admit, but emoticons are truly near and dear to our hearts. We use them every day to convey and express the things that sometimes, just can’t be said. Since these little emotion-filled icons can tell a lot about a person, we decided to use them as a road map to formulating the perfect gift guide and it goes something like this: If your boyfriend uses the poop emoji—get him a diffuser. Your BFF sends kissing emojis every day—get her that perfect shade of red lipstick. Get the gist? See the gifts you should be buying for your friends, family and more all based off of their favorite emoji here.

Peace Sign Emoji

If this person always gives off chill vibes via text, get them these peace sign emoji smoking slippers.

Sunglass Emoji

Got a friend who's always throwin' shade? Get them a pair of sunnies representative of their likely snarky comments.

Bikini Emoji

What pairs more perfectly with a bikini emoji than emoji embroidered bikini briefs?! Your yellow-polka dot bikini obsessed friend will be ecstatic.

Lips Emoji

Pucker up! The avid kissing emoji users in your life are sure to love a bright red lipstick this holiday season.

Champagne Emoji

Perfect for those friends or family members who are always celebrating something, this fun phone case will fit perfectly into their sparkly lifestyle.

Unicorn Emoji

This one goes out to the eccentric folks in your life. A pair of emoji-inspired patch jeans are the perfect gift for the creative people you love.

Poop Emoji

The poop emoji is so cute that sometimes we forget it's a picture of, well you know. In this case, there's nothing wrong with being a little sassy—opt for a scented diffuser to cover up all the fumes coming from the overuse of this adorable emoticon.

Crown Emoji

A crown emoji is reserved for the kings and the queens of the world. Surely, these people would love a book all about themselves, no?