Watch This Little Girl Call Out Something Cringeworthy

We’re probably all guilty of buying the littlest people in our lives—whether they be our own children, our nieces and nephews, or our friends’ kids—gender-specific clothing. It’s hard to see through the cuteness to the not-so-cute subliminal messages these mini designs are sending. Unless, that is, you’re 8-year-old Daisy Edmonds, who recently became outraged on a shopping trip with her mother upon noticing the disparate messages being telegraphed to boys and girls via the store’s T-shirt selection. The boys’ shirts, she notes, say things like “Hero,” “Think Outside The Box” and “Desert Adventure Awaits” whereas the girls’ are printed with phrases such as “I Feel Fabulous,” “Beautiful” and “Hey!” We can’t help but giggle when Daisy asks the camera what “Hey!” is even supposed to mean, and then tear up a little when she expands upon the phrase “think outside the box.” Watch the full video below, and remember to give the women in your life—young and old—at least a few compliments that aren’t appearance-related today.