A Friends Musical Is Coming To NYC, And The Internet Is Going Crazy

Yes, you read that right—your favorite ’90s sitcom is becoming a musical, and we’re feeling all sorts of things as we picture Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Joey reuniting for the upcoming Friends! The Musical! It’s been 13 years since Friends ended its 10-season run, so Bob and Tobly McSmith (of pop culture parodies like the Katdashian and 90210 off-Broadway musicals) decided to bring the show back to life. They plan on a hilarious soundtrack featuring songs like “The Only Coffee Shop in New York City,” “How You Doing, Ladies,” “Will They or Won’t They,” and our personal favorite “We Were on a Break!” And because the McSmiths have previously been able to get former cast members to make guest appearances for the shows, we’d be foolish not to hope for cameos when the musical hits the Triad Theater in New York City this fall. Tickets go on sale in June, so mark your calendars.