The Emmy Moments Everyone On The Internet Is Losing It Over

We knew the Emmys would be good this year with Stephen Colbert at the helm, but we weren’t prepared for just how many incredible moments were in store for us, especially with respect to the ladies of TV. Nearly every aspect of Sunday night’s telecast was buzzworthy. Here, a few highlights the internet just can’t get over.

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Sean Spicer's Cameo

Needle scratch. The former press secretary made a surprise appearance—in a room full of liberals, no less—to prove he's in on the joke about his time in the White House, and probably (er, maybe?) won a few fans in the process. The best part of this cameo, however, were the audience reactions to it—this Tweet sums it up pretty accurately.

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Lily, Dolly & Jane Giving Us Life

Damn, nothing makes us happier than seeing three smoking-hot babes well over the age of 20 being treated—nay, revered—as valuable members of society. These three heroes slung zingers at the podium with the best of them and made men their age look like sad grandpas in the process.

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Lena Waithe Becoming A New "First"

Master of None actress and writer Lena Waithe is amazing—if you haven't yet seen season three but you need a good cry, watch the episode in which she features ASAP. Tonight, she became the first African-American woman to win an Emmy for writing, and we are crying.

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Donald Glover Also Becoming A New “First”

Atlanta’s Donald Glover—our biggest crush—won for Best Director, another first for African Americans in the category, and Best Actor. The secretive multi-hyphenate confirmed during his speech that he's expecting a baby, which is sad for us but great for him!

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Ann Dowd Weeping

In 2017, it can be hard to remember—when teenagers who’ve done little but post to Instagram are the success stories du jour—that fame and fortune can find you at any age. Ann Dowd reminded us of this uplifting fact while accepting an Emmy for her work in The Handmaid’s Tale. Judging by her reaction, success might just be sweeter after a struggle. No?

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Nicole Kidman And Alexander Skarsgard Kissing

As Skarsgard made his way to the stage upon winning for Best Supporting Actor, Nicole kissed her co-star—on the lips! Though the display of affection was hardly scandalous, the internet is abuzz about the moment. Also trending? Kidman’s win for Best Actress and her acceptance speech, in which she proved that even the famous feel bad about leaving their kids for work.