3 Elle Woods Comebacks That’ll Never Become Obsolete

Legally Blonde is one of those rare films that became part of the pop-culture fabric of the early aughts and continues to remain quotable, watchable and equally relevant years later. As today marks the film’s 15th anniversary (cue everyone feeling ancient), we’re all wearing head-to-toe pink (nary an orange hue in sight), wielding our fluffiest ballpoint pens and still working on perfecting the bend and snap. (Kidding … or are we?) To honor the catalog of zingers out of Elle Woods’ mouth, we’ve selected a few of our faves that still make us smile. Cheers to 15 years of the perky blonde character who inspired so many women to never take no for an answer.

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Elle Woods' Best Comebacks

When your ex comes crawling back

When someone hates on your look

When anyone is incredulous of your victories