Derek Lam Is Making Films Now (And They Look Amazing)

Last November Derek Lam revealed plans to launch his first ever fragrance collection under contemporary label Derek Lam 10 Crosby and now the curated collection will finally debut through 10 unique films aptly shot on Crosby Street in New York City. Celebrating the collection’s varied scents from fresh and floral to deep and oriental, the designer chose to bring the modern fragrances to life through films that felt authentic, yet aspirational for consumers. Made in partnership with Supermarché and Moxie Pictures, each film is distinct, representing moments, stories and women inspired from outside the designer’s window at 10 Crosby Street, celebrating themes of romance, adventure, surprise and connections. Here, watch a sneak peek from the campaign, offering snippets from each of the 10 films with appearances by Aya Cash (The Newsroom, The Wolf of Wall Street), Gretta Lee (Girls, New Girl) and more. Plus, prepare to shop the collection tomorrow on and What do you think of Derek Lam’s innovative campaign? Tell us in the comments below! Homepage Image: Courtesy of Derek Lam