How To Cover Up Dark Circles Like A Supermodel

Dimitrios Kambouris

It turns out that even supermodels aren’t immune to under-eye circles, and Victoria’s Secret newbie Taylor Hill just shared how she deals with her own.

Prior to gracing this year’s MTV Video Music Awards red carpet, Taylor took her skincare prep to the next level. She visited the offices of Simon Ourian, MD, aka the Kardashians’ go-to dermatologist, for some dark-circle removal. In a video she shared on Instagram, Taylor is seen wearing goggles while Dr. Ourian zaps the area with a laser.

He describes the procedure’s purpose as “to remove dark circles and bags under the eyes.” It involves Coolaser and long-lasting dermal filler injections and takes only 20 minutes to complete. Recovery time can be anywhere from zero to eight days, and results can last one to five years depending on the filler used. While it’s not ideal for everyone, if you really suffer from dark circles—and you can afford to pay the price—it’s certainly an option. For those who prefer something a bit less drastic (and a bit more affordable), try one of the effective alternatives below to help you combat panda eyes from the comfort of your own home.


Eye mask: When used on a regular basis, acids and extracts in these treatments will reduce puffiness and inflammation as well as brighten.

Eye cream and serum: Don’t underestimate the power of a daily commitment. These products are hydrating and firming when used diligently.

Concealer: This is probably the most efficient of the bunch. Find one that works best for your skin tone and type.