We Have Big News About Coachella 2018

Ever since the great Fyre Festival disaster, we have a hard time looking at music festivals in quite the same way we used to. Big announcements make us feel a little funny, reminding us of the lost and forlorn folks who bought into the great Ja Rule–headlined catastrophe of 2017. Still, Coachella has proven to be epic (and legit) for many, many years, so we’re trying to continue to take it seriously and not just LOL every time someone says the word “festival.” Today, dates for the 2018 event were released, and it’s now confirmed that Coachella will take place the weekends of April 13 through April 15 and April 20 through April 22. Tickets for the event, which will feature Beyoncé at long last as a headliner, go on sale June 2 here. No matter what additional Coachella news pops up, it’s unlikely to be as rubberneck-worthy as that of the Fyre Festival, but we’ll keep you posted regardless. In the meantime, here are some FF memes to keep you laughing.