3 Reasons We Can’t Wait for Broad City‘s Return

2015 was a banner year for women in comedy, but 2016 is shaping up to be an even bigger one for the ladies who make us laugh. Broad City, one of the best female-driven comedy shows on television, returns to Comedy Central on February 17 with what promises to be its craziest season yet. For one thing, Hillary Clinton has a cameo, which is a major coup considering the show’s storylines tend to revolve mainly around drugs. (If Clinton’s cameo bears any similarity to the episode in which Abbi accidentally overdoses on pain meds after surgery and goes on a Whole Foods shopping spree with a giant tooth hallucination, we’re expecting a boost in Clinton’s poll numbers after the episode airs.)

For another, the show has announced a slew of random-sounding and therefore probably hilarious additional guest stars, including Tony Danza and Whoopi Goldberg. And finally, it’s Abbi and Ilana! These two women can make even the most mundane situations hysterical, which is why we’re so excited to see them deal “with a slew of everyday challenges and adventures as they live their lives in New York City, including a trip to the DMV, a rat in the apartment, going clubbing, taking on new job responsibilities, visiting Abbi’s dad and new hookups.”

Watch the newest season 3 trailer here.