Spring Your Space

by The Zoe Report


Good news! Updating your home for a new season is just like updating your closet and can be done by following just a few small steps. To lead the way on this mission, we turned to our in-house design guru, Jeremiah Brent, who is full of great ideas for the home that can be achieved at any budget. Check them out below and get ready to spring your space!

1. Curate your art: One of the easiest and most individualistic ways to change the look and feel of your home is to move your art around (about every six to twelve months). Change the alignment, create collages and be creative! 2. Change out your area rug: It is a simple and bold trick to updating your space. 3. Be inspired by the seasons: Thoughtfully-chosen accessories are a fun and low cost way to bring both personality and versatility to one’s home. Introduce bold yellows and turquoise in the spring and then swap them out for more Autumn-appropriate colors in the fall. It will transform your room while not harming your bank account. 4. Change wallpaper: Don’t be afraid to add new wallpaper or paint a wall, you can always change it if you don’t like it…but chances are you’ll love it! 5. Switch out coffee table books to reflect your mood: Team Zoe’s latest addition is Mulberry by Venetia Dearden.