5 Big Little Lies Questions We Still Need Answered

Like the rest of you, we’re obsessed with Big Little Lies. It’s got all the right ingredients—A-list actresses, enviable beachside residences, sexy, erm, sexiness and, of course, murder. That said, the show definitely isn’t a masterpiece totally devoid of imperfections; here, five questions we still have about the show, the answers to which we hope will become clear in the rumored Big Little Lies second season.


The Gun

Why does a woman with a sleepwalking child snooze with a gun under her pillow? This seems ill advised at best.


The 5-Year-Old Music Junkie

Since when can five-year-olds belt out classic tunes from bygone eras, with gravitas at that? If we were Madeline, we'd have Chloe see an exorcist, pronto.



Why is she with Madeline's ex? He seems a little "no value add"-ish and she can do better. (Also, why is her name Bonnie? Just, no.)


The Hipster Cool-Guy Toddler

Remember the scene wherein Ziggy's kicked back on the porch, just strumming his guitar? WTF, he's five! Did they pose him like that, or do boys come out of the womb as Harry Styles in Monterey? To us, this behavior is more alarming than the alleged Amabella biting.


The Dinner From Hell

What did Bonnie put in the food? You know what we're talking about.