All The Best TV We’re Watching Right Now

As you may know by now, some of us are so addicted to our TVs we can’t manage to turn them off for a mere seven days. And while we suggest you try a detox yourself at some point, now is not a great time given the sheer quantity of quality programming available for your viewing pleasure. Here, all the shows Team Zoe is bingeing on, from drama to comedy and beyond.


Master of None

"As much as I love Aziz, he is not the only reason I love Master of None. The entire cast, cinematography, oh and THE FOOD, are so wonderful together. I can't remember the last time a show has brought me this much joy. I just love it. Watch it... you're welcome."

Alyson Fishbein, Social Media Director


Last Chance U

"I’d had this docuseries on queue for months because I only have the attention span of a 30 Rock episode. (Each of these are about an hour long.) But since starting the show, I’ve gotten more and more impressed with the filmmakers’ behind-the-scenes access and the JUCO football players’ authenticity, despite those cameras being shoved in their helmets. It’s gritty, honest and full of drama—I can’t wait for the second season."

— Sam McDonald, News Editor



"Nothing feeds my soul more than having Friends playing in the background."

— Stephanie Montes, Beauty Director


The Keepers

"Our Beauty Director, Stephanie, told me about this new docuseries now streaming on Netflix. It follows two women conducting their own investigation into their high-school teacher's murder in the late '60s, which still remains unsolved. While the women search for answers to Sister Cathy's murder, they uncover so much more than they were expecting."

— Andrea Navarro, Associate Beauty Editor


Vice News

"Every episode of Vice News leaves me with a well-rounded understanding of an issue that is not widely discussed in the mainstream media. Their comprehensive reports offer insight into a wide range of countries and cultures, which is hard to find elsewhere."

— Nicky Deam, Editorial Director


Z: The Beginning Of Everything

"This show was made for fashion girls. I'm not done with it yet, but it tells the story of Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald, who maintains her rebellious and unapologetic spirit throughout the highs and lows of her marriage to famed author F. Scott Fitzgerald. But Zelda is a socialite in her own right, and quickly establishes herself as an icon of the Jazz Age despite her Southern Belle upbringing. Like F. Scott Fitzgerald, I fell in love with her character in a heartbeat. The flapper girl costumes and 1920s scenery are just added eye-candy to the addicting story."

Lauren Black, Content Analyst



"I'm a TV addict, so there's so much I'm watching right now—30 Rock (always), The Handmaid's Tale, Chelsea Handler's show, etc. But I'm super excited to dig into the new season of this drama, which has some amazing actors involved, including my forever-crush, Kyle Chandler."

— Erin Nicole, Senior Lifestyle Editor

Orange Is The New Black

"I have binge-watched every season of this prison dramedy over the course of a weekend, and the fifth season will be no different. ICYMI, this season will pick up at last season's cliffhanger ending—with Daya holding a very loaded gun and a prison-wide riot apparently imminent. I have chills just thinking about it. Is it June 9 yet?!"

Allie Flinn, Associate Lifestyle Editor

Twin Peaks

"Murder, bizarre dream sequences, and a log lady—this show truly has it all! While the first two seasons aired in the early '90s, it returned to Showtime with a new season just this past week (with the original cast almost completely intact). If you don't have any ravishing Memorial Day weekend plans (like me, ugh), binge watch this show."

—Aidan Macaluso, Associate Social Media Manager

Golden Girls

"Thank you for being a friend! Before there was Sex and the City and Girls, there was the Golden Girls—and they will always hold a place in my heart, not to mention my TV screen. I literally can't get enough of these sassy ladies and their wild antics. (While I'd like to believe that I'm a Blanche all-day every day, in my heart of hearts I'm totally a Rose.)"

— Angela Melero, Managing Editor