These Are The Best US Cities To Find Love

Not all of us are as eternally optimistic as RiRi, who believes it is possible to find love in a hopeless place. For the rest of us humans, the cities we live in can make a lot of difference between happily ever after and forever alone—and according to a WalletHub survey, the reason you’re single might not be you at all. (Fact: You are smart, beautiful, charming and 100% dateable.) The site’s analysts compared more than 180 US cities, including both nightlife run-ins and online apps like Tinder. Their findings? Three California cities (yay for our LA editors!) made it in the top five, while New York City secured 20th place. And if you haven’t found your soul mate, chances are you live in the residential Pearl City in Hawaii or South Burlington, Vermont (aka Ben & Jerry’s headquarters—so at least you have the ice cream for comfort). Fancy a relocation? Take this study with a grain of salt, but here are the best and worst metro areas in which to try your luck.

Infographic: WalletHub