The Bachelor Episode 9 Recap: Ben Says “I Love You” (Twice)

On last night’s episode, The Bachelor squad schlepped to Jamaica for a three-peat of dates in the fantasy suite and proclamations of love. (Translation: Ben was a lucky dude this week.) Here were our favorite moments from the show.

Ben Breaks The Rules

Photo: @bachelorabc

It's as if the passion gods cast a spell on this week's three remaining ladies, Lauren, Caila and Jojo, who all professed their love for Ben one after the next. Whoa, Nelly. In a very uncouth manner, Ben reciprocated those feelings to both Lauren and Jojo—a big Bachelor no-no seemingly unbeknownst to him. Why he would say "I love you" to two different women has left us (and the rest of America) puzzled, but what we do know now is Ben is in quite a pickle. After receiving the ultimate validation, whoever doesn't get that final rose might be crying all the way to Bachelor in Paradise.

Caila's Bright Future

Photo: ABC

The episode ended with a homeward-bound Caila, but in our opinion, she still managed to slay this week on account of her poetic sound bites. The charming brunette rattled off one lovestruck line after the next—said with so much conviction you want to simultaneously cringe and hug her. Two of our favorites: "I could live in this moment for the rest of my life" (about their one-on-one date) and "He doesn't have to say a word, I can feel it [love] in his breath" (after she said those three little words). If her career in software sales doesn't pan out, perhaps she could take a stab at writing romance novels.

The Final Countdown

Photo: ABC

The final rose ceremony is going to be so good—for obvious reasons, but specifically because Lauren and Jojo both seem to be wise to Ben's L-word antics. (Good girls!) We love both contestants but are sticking to our guns that Lauren will receive the final rose based on menial-at-best evidence in the form of previews for the next episode: In the teasers, Lauren totally seems more heartbroken than Jojo, the type of reverse psychology those genius producers plague us with every season. (We know we're not alone in reading this deep into things, so please, feel free to validate or challenge our theory in the comments below.)