The Bachelor Episode 8 Recap: Tears, Champagne and “Brainwashing”

With just a few girls left, we’re in the home stretch of The Bachelor—on Monday nights you can find us on the edge of our couches, glass of wine in hand. Below, a recap of our favorite moments from this week’s show.

Happy Tears

Photo: @bachelorabc

Raise your hand if you melted when Ben got choked up talking to Lauren B.'s sister Mollie about his feelings for her. (*Hands raise all across America.*) Ben's vulnerable moment felt completely genuine and further supports our hunch that these two will end up together. If not, Lauren and Mollie should gun to be co-Bachelorettes—are they not the cutest?

Rational Parents

Photo: ABC

It seems Mom and Dad are getting the hint not to drink the Bachelor Kool-Aid this time around—more so than seasons past, the ladies' parents raised tough (and valid) questions about Ben's intentions with their daughters. (How he didn't totally sweat through his shirt each time, we'll never know.) Special shoutout to Jojo's mom, who definitely got it right during their hometown date—she drank champagne straight from the bottle during a particularly confrontational moment, a move we think any levelheaded person might resort to for sanity in the situation.

Jojo's Hot Brother

Photo: ABC

On the topic of eligible bachelors...hello, Jojo's brother! We couldn't help but fixate on this hometown stud, also named Ben, while he and other brother Matt grilled Bachelor Ben about their sister. These two threw serious shade (accusing Ben of being "coached on his answers" and "brainwashing the girls") and though we felt a little bad for Mr. Higgins, it's pretty standard protective-sibling behavior. It also makes brother Ben that much more attractive...we'll be spending the rest of our afternoons Googling his relationship status. (If single, call us!)