The Bachelor Episode 5 Recap: Mexico, Bidets and Teen Mom

We take The Bachelor just as seriously as Allison Williams does—even though, admittedly, we were a little bored during this episode. (Alas, it’s bound to happen as you weed out the crazies. Bring back the juicy stuff!) Below, a recap of our favorite moments from this week’s show.


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When the ladies arrived at their hotel in Mexico, they noticed the bathrooms were equipped with bidets: Olivia took a moment to share that she—as a member of the upper echelon of society, apparently—has one at home. File under unsurprising(ish). She later followed with a rare self-deprecating moment in which she referred to her "dragon breath"—it seems her oral hygiene is perhaps not as well attended to as, ahem, other regions.

Like, Like...Like

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Amanda scored a romantic one-on-one date this week with Ben, which appeared to go quite smoothly. The one cringe-worthy aspect of their time together? Her Valley girl tendencies. During a heart-to-heart with Ben explaining her rocky past, "like" was noticeably every other word out of her mouth. (Rewatch the scene, and start counting how many times she says it.) We sense a new drinking game for future episodes...

Teen Mom

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Clearly threatened by how well Amanda's date with Ben went, Olivia opted for a classic mean-girl defense mechanism at the cocktail party—a low blow. (It always comes back to Olivia, doesn't it? A real producer's dream.) While Amanda was discussing her kids, Olivia interjected with, "I feel like it's an episode of Teen Mom." Cue side eyes and incredulous glances from literally everyone in the room. And true to form, when she got called out on the diss, she turned the whole thing on it's head—spoken through tears, she explained, "I'm learning a lot about myself...I want you guys to know that I'm gonna try harder." Unfortunately, no sympathy was reciprocated.

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