The Bachelor Episode 4 Recap: Vegas, Twins And A Talent Show

We take The Bachelor just as seriously as Allison Williams does. Below, a recap of our favorite moments from this week’s episode. (Also, if you haven’t seen SNL‘s recent spoof on the show, watch immediately.)

Vegas, Baby

Photo: ABC News

Ben and the ladies traveled to Sin City for a series of events so bad they were good (The Bachelor's specialty). The ladies clamored for Ben's heart in the world's worst talent show (more on that later), but it was Becca who scored this week's one-on-one date. She gussied up in a wedding dress, met Ben at the chapel and he got down on one propose that together, they marry other people. Turns out Ben was ordained (and thus eligible to bring couples together in holy matrimony)—and though his ask was cringe-worthy, when all was said and done, their date was sweet. As fans of the morally intact Becca since Chris Soules' season, we think these two are kind of perfect for each other.

Talent, Baby

Photo: E Online

As if the dates couldn't get any more humiliating this season, the ladies put on a quite, ahem, unique talent show as a way to somehow indicate their devotion. Highlights of course included the inimitable Olivia, who popped out of a cardboard cake in the single most anticlimactic way imaginable. She later apologized profusely to Ben on account of it being "embarassing" (Ben repeatedly asked her to stop saying "sorry"), and we kind of almost felt bad for her. Almost.

Sex Panthers, Baby

Photo: ABC

This week's best one-liner goes to Ben, who called the adorable and unassuming Caila a "sex panther." Perhaps there's something the cameras haven't shown us, but that's not the first, second or hundredth way we'd think to describe her. Either way, get on with your bad self Caila. Meow.

Twins, Baby

Photo: SB Nation

This week, Haley and Emily's twindom was put to the test—the duo was subject to a two-on-one date and impromptu hometown visit. The Vegas natives stopped in to visit mom and their dogs with Ben, who ultimately decided to keep Emily and eliminate Haley in an awkward, tearful group hug moment. 'Twas a sad day for sisters who exercise on the same treadmill, but alas, one we all knew would come. We're curious to see how Emily continues the journey as an individual rather part of the novelty pair.

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