The Bachelor Episode 2 Recap: Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and A Back-To-School Date

Our favorite TV guilty pleasure is back and, true to form, off to a completely ridiculous start. We’re of course referring to The Bachelor, a show to which we’ve fully committed our Monday nights for the next several weeks (goodbye, social life). Below, a recap of our favorite moments from this week’s episode.


Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Crash Ben's Date

Photo: TV Guide

The franchise is no stranger to celeb cameos (Amy Schumer and Jimmy Kimmel have made appearances), so albeit random, it shouldn't feel too surprising that Kevin and Ice showed up to crash the party (and, ahem, promote their new movie). Ice discussed first-date strategy with Ben (suggesting hard liquor and condoms) and Kevin dished on the most romantic thing he's ever done for a woman ("made her fried chicken"). The date ended at a hot tub store. A real fairytale!

No One Knows Where Indiana Is

Photo: Yahoo

The first group date took place in a high school and involved a series of traditional classroom activities including apple bobbing, a science project and geography test. Turns out some of the ladies aren't quite sure where Indiana lies on a map, and maybe think it's Pennsylvania. Let this be a lesson to us all.

Lace Is Still The Worst...

Photo: @usweekly

Which is something we could’ve perhaps deduced on account of her name alone. This week, the fearless (and shameless) brunette made it her mission to redeem herself for getting "too drunk" the first night. Her second go-around confirms that the champagne wasn’t to blame: she’s still crazy. She played the victim card rather unsuccessfully, and seemed to be confused about why Ben wasn't giving her his undivided attention (the twenty-some other ladies in the room, perhaps?). Though we expect her stint on the show to be brief, we are living for her delusions of grandeur while we still can.

...But Olivia Is Right Behind Her

Photo: @oliviasmouth

Olivia brought the crazy this week with her frighteningly animated facial expressions and unfounded belief that she will soon be Mrs. Higgins, indefinitely. (The first impression rose ain't a ring, babe!) In it to win it, she interrupted Ben's one-on-one time with other girls left and right, of the mindset that they should just "end the show now." She thinks she's got this in the bag—the rest of America thinks otherwise.