Annie Leibovitz and Gloria Steinem Collab On New Must-See Exhibit

Nearly 20 years ago, famed photographer Annie Leibovitz released a photography series entitled “Women” in collaboration with the late writer Susan Sontag. A continuation of the project, this time in collaboration with Gloria Steinem, opens today in Manhattan at a former women’s correctional facility. The roving, USB-sponsored exhibit is entitled “WOMEN: New Portraits,” and it features dozens of intimate portraits of women who are exceptional in their respective fields. “I had made a small list thinking of women who were in our collective conscious, and then I went to Gloria and asked her for a list,” Leibovitz told The Cut. “I’d like to frame that list because it goes on and on and on — I mean, it was the longest list.” A portrait of Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State features in the exhibit, as do photos of Patti Smith, Venus and Serena Williams, Misty Copeland and other, less famous (but equally as impressive) faces such as that of Andrea Medina, a human-rights lawyer who defends murdered and missing women in Mexico City. You can preview the timely, and perhaps much-needed, celebration of women here.