Amazon Is Launching An Instagram-Like Network For Shoppers

2015 Adam Katz Sinding

It’s already taken over our wardrobes, homes and refrigerators—and it looks like Amazon will soon be taking over our phones via a new shopping app that feels more like Instagram than shopping. The e-commerce giant recently unveiled Amazon Spark, a network that encourages users to post stories, ideas and images of their favorite products on the site, sharing them with other users who can post comments, “smile” (similar to Insta’s “like” button) and even shop the items tagged in pictures. To access the feed, simply navigate to the Programs and Features section of the Amazon iOS app and—ta-da!—a pretty interface full of potential closet- and home-fillers. While you have to be a Prime member to post photos to Spark, any Amazon user can scroll through the feed. The feature is still in its inception and thus has yet to reach our desktops, but we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before the retailer takes over our lunch-hour shopping, too.