A Day In The Life Of A Designer At NYFW


As you might imagine, being a designer during NYFW is a total whirlwind—all your tireless work over the course of several months culminates into a debut lasting just a few minutes in front of the industry’s heavy hitters—a high-octane moment, to say the least. While we might not all get to experience the adrenaline rush of seeing our own creations walk down the runway, we can live vicariously. Here, Ulla Johnson gives us a peek into what really goes down in a day in the life of a designer during fashion week.

1:30PM: Discussing the makeup look with beauty guru Troy Suratt.

Photos: Courtesy of Ulla Johnson

2PM: The finished masterpiece—our incredible floral installation designed by Sarah Rynehan of Saipua.

2:40PM: Our Spring 2016 shoes lined up and ready to go in front of our mood board (featuring Georgia O’Keefe and photos by David Hamilton).

2:45PM: Looks all prepped and ready—our favorite denim ruffled pinafore awaiting the runway.

3PM: Troy demonstrates the makeup look for his team.

3:15PM: The Cutler team, led by Brian Bonavantura, executing the hair on our model Martyna.

4PM: Looks, looks, looks! Working out the flow for the presentation.

4:30PM: Our stylist April Hughes starts dressing the girls.

4:35PM: Details of our lovely handmade lace crochet, waiting to make its catwalk debut.

5PM: Checking last minute emails and discussing the lineup with my stylist and casting agent. Getting ready to open the doors!

5:30PM: And it's showtime!