A Blogger’s Survival Guide To NYFW

Though certainly full of its fair share of magic and fun, fashion week is a bit like a battle in the sense that one needs to be duly prepared in order to fully enjoy the splendors of the runway. Bloggers know this all too well, as they’re often jetting from shows to showrooms to events and need to be photo-ready (and wifi-enabled) at all times. Top blogger Marianna Hewitt is one such social media star who’s mastered the art of navigating NYFW—here, the digital darling shares the must-have items that keep her going through the whirlwind week.

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Marianna Hewitt's NYFW Essentials

Photo: @marianna_hewitt

Mobile Charger

"Most days I’m out from morning to night with no time to stop and charge my phone, which is necessary for taking pictures, calling an Uber or checking my schedule. There are a few brands who make really slim mobile chargers that will still fit in your clutch."


"Getting a taxi can be difficult, especially if you need receipts for rides. I always rely on Uber to get around the city during fashion week."

Photo: @marianna_hewitt


"If I don’t have time to do my makeup or I stayed out too late the night before, sunglasses are a lifesaver. My current favorites are by Celine because no matter what outfit I'm wearing, they seem to match."

Hold-All Tote

"Often I will go from a show to a presentation to something else and I need to carry a few items with me throughout the day, but don’t want to be stuck with a bag that doesn’t match my outfit. This tote will fit your phone, chargers, any gift bags you end up getting and a change of shoes."

Chic Flats

"Speaking of a change of shoes, sometimes this is much needed. The block where the shows are this year has so much traffic, so getting a car to pick you up is kind of difficult. Between shows, switch to flats to make life a little more comfortable."

Anti-Humidity Hairspray

"Coming from Los Angeles, I’m not used to dealing with my hair in humidity. Between the rain and the weather here in New York, I need some help to keep my hair from getting frizzy, so anti-humidity spray comes in handy."