5 Amazing Podcasts to Download Now

Whether you’ve always been hip to the podcast or have yet to experience its magic, now is a good time to round out your digital library. After all, one can listen to the new Adele jam only so many times before your morning commute becomes an emotional disaster. We combed through this year’s top podcasts—and surveyed our most dialed-in friends—so you can make your picks based on what you already love to read and watch.

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If you read The Business of Fashion , then you’ll love The American Fashion Podcast .

Fashion nerds, gather round. We all know the industry is about more than mixing prints, and some of us could spend all day reading about obscure designers, supply chains and the pitfalls of going public. Dig deep into the style economy with rich storytelling and in-depth interviews with some of fashion's boldest and most knowledgeable names.

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If you read Fast Company , then you’ll love StartUp .

Dreaming of starting your own company? You need to download season one, stat. Creator Alex Blumberg devotes each episode to entrepreneurs, discovering what it's like to build a business from nothing but dreams and a loan. He tackles questions like how to pitch an investor, how to draft a business plan and how to handle an acquisition. Each season is one long narrative, so start with the first to get the full experience.

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If you read US Weekly , then you’ll love Pumped Podcast .

Lara Schoenhals is one-third of the White Girl Problems writing team, and she loves the Bravo series Vanderpump Rules. Even if you've never watched this Real Housewives spin-off about the catty waitstaff at LA’s SUR restaurant, you'll cry with laughter when you hear Schoenhals dish about each episode—and other celebrity gossip—in her trademark Valley Girl drawl. Guests have included 2 Broke Girls writer Molly McAleer, Scissor Sisters frontman Jake Shears and the Vanderpump Rules cast itself.

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If you read the New York Times’ Modern Love essays, then you’ll love Death, Sex and Money .

Much like those acclaimed, often painful divulgences in the Sunday Styles section, Death, Sex and Money gets right down the stuff that you could never bring up at the dinner table. Learn how to let a loved one go, write a will (or write someone out of it) and plan your own funeral through the narratives of weekly subjects, like a single mom who moonlights as a sex worker or a singer-songwriter whose marriage publicly fell apart.

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If you read Self and Shape , then you’ll love Realize Yourself .

Kimberly Snyder is an L.A.-based nutritionist and best-selling author whose clients include Drew Barrymore and Kerry Washington. Her feel-good podcast will actually inspire you to clean out your fridge and hit the gym—unlike so much health-focused content that makes you want to hate yourself. Expect interviews with yogis, entrepreneurs, acupuncturists and more, plus philosophies and practices to make clean living a daily habit.