5 Acts To Catch At The New York Comedy Festival

Let’s face it. Laughter is attractive. But chuckling so hard your makeup runs off? Not the cutest. As the New York Comedy Festival kicks off this week through November 15, side-splitting one-liners and hilarious punch lines are guaranteed hazard for a fresh face of makeup. And as the laugh-inducing festival ups the ante this year (read: more notable performers, an increased number of shows and expansion into the cool-kid borough of Brooklyn) we figure, so should our arsenal of waterproof makeup. Here, we’ve outlined five of the festival’s must-see shows, plus powerful products to stand up against comedy’s best.


Margaret Cho

From her riotous stand-up to hysterical television roles, Margaret Cho’s There’s No I in Team But There’s a Cho in Psycho is a must-see. With 20+ years on the comedy circuit, no subject is off limits for this socially aware comedian, and we dig it.


Kathy Griffin

Queen of snarky celebrity dish, Kathy Griffin returns to Carnegie Hall with her touring show Like A Boss. As one of only five females to ever headline the venue, expect boisterous political references and Hollywood commentary aplenty.


Sarah Silverman

With a repertoire spanning film, television and stand-up, Sarah Silverman is one of the festival’s most diverse performers. Notorious for her outlandish and at times, vulgar sense of humor, Sarah Silverman and Friends is sure to garner the heartiest of laughs.


Judd Apatow

From Bridesmaids, Girls, Trainwreck and beyond, Judd Apatow’s comedic rule over Hollywood is unprecedented. Marking his inaugural performance at Carnegie Hall, the writer, director and producer will share the stage with Mike Birbiglia and more in Judd Apatow and Friends. From slapstick humor to risqué references, we'll expect the audience in stitches.


Trevor Noah

After succeeding Jon Stewart on Comedy Central's The Daily Show, Trevor Noah is surely one to see. With two shows on the schedule, there's double the opportunity to witness the charming wit of late night's new kid.

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