3 Reasons Why We Can’t Wait for Tom Ford’s New Movie

You probably already heard that our beloved Tom Ford is not showing at London Fashion Week, or even in Los Angeles for that matter. We’re just as devastated as you, but the designer has a pretty good excuse: He is busy prepping and shooting his new movie. Starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Amy Adams, “Nocturnal Animals” is an adaptation of Austin Wright’s 1993 novel of the same name. Since we loved Ford’s beautiful 2009 film “A Single Man”, we know we’re in for something good. Here’s what we’re looking forward to seeing most:

Photo: @tomford

#1 Drool-Worthy Leading Men

Tom Ford is no slouch when it comes to casting beautiful men in advertising campaigns or in his movies. Nicholas Hoult, Matthew Goode, model-turned-actor Jon Kortajarena and the dashing Mr. Darcy himself, filled out the "A Single Man” cast. With Jake Gyllenhunk and Armie Hammer already signed on for “Nocturnal Animals”, we know we can expect to see (and swoon over) some of Hollywood’s hottest. Hold on to your knickers, ladies.

Photo: @tomford

#2 Stunning Style

The actors aren’t the only eye-candy in a TF movie. The designer is known for his perfectionism and attention to detail so it's no surprise that everything from the clothes (duh!) to the decor will be highly stylized. If the mid-century house where Colin Firth’s character lived in “A Single Man” could steal entire scenes with its stunningly sleek style, then imagine what we’re in store for this time.

Photo: Colombia/TriStar

#3 Award Show Glamour

If his last movie was any indication, this one might go on to be nominated for some serious awards. The designer/director always looks amazing and you just know he’ll be dressing his cast for the award show circuit. We’d love to see the red carpets completely dominated by Tom Ford gowns and suits. We’d also love to see him take home a win. If he already has a CFDA under his belt, why not an Oscar?

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