11 Things You Should, Like, Stop Saying By 30

Sometimes when we hear ourselves speak, we’re embarrassed—when did our vocabulary become on par with that of a 13-year-old? We went to good schools, had 4.0 GPAs and have been avid readers basically since birth. We may have long had a hint of “Valley girl” to our voice, but now we talk like a tween, too (which isn’t even to mention the way in which we write via emoji only, online). Should we ditch certain words and phrases once we hit proper adulthood? Probably. Here, we shame you—and ourselves!—with a list of things we should all stop saying by 30.

Vanessa Jackman

We Say All Of These But Probably Shouldn't

We think this is cute, but the men we say it to think we're idiots.

Pull yourself together, honey. No one will ever take you seriously if you say "totes."

You know who can say this over 30 and not sound like an idiot? Beyoncé. That's it. That's the only person.

You're ridiculous. Stop saying this.

You don't have "all the feels." You have feelings, because you're an adult and by now the emotions you're experiencing aren't cute enough to be abbreviated.

In the slang sense, that is. You know, when someone says "I'm so tired today" and you respond "same" in a sassy tone. This has basically become the only thing we ever say to everyone, and it's humiliating.

No, girl. Just, no. We suggest trying to bring "It's wonderful" back instead.

We really don't want to give this one up because it's fun AF to write, but we're old enough to be, like, Brooklyn Beckham's mothers, for crying out loud. This is def (another thing we need to stop saying) inappropriate at our age.

Gross! You might as well just walk around saying "moist."

The word you're looking for is yes.

Actually, we still like this one and aren't ready to give it up just yet. Because we might be old, but we are woke AF.