You’ll Never Guess Who Played Michelle Tanner In This Fuller House Sketch

Sia explains her mysterious wigs and more of today’s news.


You Got It, Dude

In a politically driven sketch on The Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon portrayed Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's famed character, Michelle Tanner—but it wasn't as straightforward as you may think. The comedic host did a spot-on impression of Donald Trump with the Tanners (and one Kimmy Gibbler) by his side to console him as he worried about winning the Republican nomination. Watch the hilarious sketch here for Full House catchphrases and Trump-isms aplenty. [ People ]

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Sia Explains The Face Wigs

On another amazing Carpool Karaoke sketch on The Late Late Show with James Cordon, Sia showed off her insanely talented voice and gave the world an explanation to her mysterious wigs. After belting out "Chandelier," the Australian singer explained that she only dons face-covering wigs when cameras are around to maintain "a bit of privacy"—a valiant yet interesting retreat from the press. Here, watch the full video for an amazing rendition of Rihanna's "Diamonds" and Sia's own "Alive" and "Elastic Heart." [ Popsugar ]

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Miu Miu's New Film

At NYFW, Miu Miu debuted a short film titled "Seed" as part of the acclaimed Women's Tales series, which critically celebrates femininity in the 21st century. An A-list crowd of fashion insiders attended the premiere, including Kate Foley, Emily Ratajkowski, Hanneli Mustaparta, Chiara Ferragni, Anya Ziourova and Giovanna Battaglia—all dressed in Miu Miu, of course. Watch the film here.


Kendall + Kylie's Mobile App

Mobile games are becoming increasingly popular for celebrities from Demi Lovato to the Kardashians—even Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are getting in on the trend—so naturally, the Jenner sisters are next in line with their new app, appropriately called Kendall and Kylie. As most would expect, the app targets a younger audience, but that won't stop certain grown-ups from taking it for a spin. Here, an adult woman's take on Kendall and Kylie's virtual world. [ Fashionista ]


Coffee Can Make Your Boobs Smaller?

Say what?! According to a Swedish study on breast cancer, a researcher found that half of all women have a gene that links breast size to coffee intake. Basically, the study says that excessive caffeine consumption can cause boob shrinkage, but regular hits of java might reduce the risk of developing breast cancer altogether. Interesting. [ Your Tango ]