Victoria Beckham Revealed The Lucky Dress She Keeps In Her Closet

It’s from her eponymous fashion line.

Victoria Beckham wearing a black mini dress.

The odds are, you have at least one item in your wardrobe that you use as a sartorial good luck charm. Maybe it’s an heirloom ring that’s blessed your family for generations, or perhaps it’s a go-to blouse that’s helped you ace job interviews in the past. Or, like Victoria Beckham’s goldfish dress, maybe you own an item that features symbolic motifs of good fortune. On July 11, the fashion designer took to Instagram to show off a white dress with a plunging V-neck, artfully-placed shoulder cutouts, and a vibrant pattern of bright orange fish. Beckham dubbed her fish motif dress her “lucky dress,” as the creatures represent good luck in certain cultures like in China and Japan. “Lots of cultures consider [goldfish] lucky, it’s said to bring positive energy, wealth, harmony, and grant wishes,” she wrote in an Instagram story.

“Positive, playful, and considered good luck, the goldfish print is key this season,” added Posh Spice. Not only did Beckham’s goldfish printed number possess positive energy, but its painterly aesthetic also tapped into the trend of watercolor-inspired prints. Beckham’s sea-inspired dress is from her eponymous fashion line’s Fall/Winter 2021 collection and is available for purchase on her brand’s site. Her creative eye didn’t stop here. With her fish dress, Beckham wore a pair of sparkling silver booties, which channeled the party-girl spirit that’s currently dominating the footwear realm.

Beckham’s printed look does embody of-the-moment flair, but the cultural significance of goldfish dates back beyond any fashion trend cycle. In Chinese culture, goldfish are typically recognized as auspicious due to their golden color. And, according to Feng Shui, they are an ideal fish to have in your tank at home, since they encourage good energy and abundance. And since Chinese traders first brought goldfish into Japan back in the 16th century, Japanese culture share the same beliefs about the lucky fish. They can frequently be found as positive symbols throughout Japanese art.

If you’d like to purchase a fish-printed dress in the hopes of attracting good fortune for yourself, scroll ahead to shop. You’ll find Beckham’s exact dress — it’s quickly selling out — as well as a few other nautical-themed options from RIXO and Lanvin.

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