The Country You Should Move To ASAP

It’s not just because your apartment is the size of a shoebox, or because the people you encounter on a daily basis merit the regular use of profanity (incompetent drivers, slow walkers and the like). If these grievances are getting you down in the place you live, it looks like you’re not alone.

According to this year’s World Happiness Report (yes, such a thing really exists), the United States—developed as we are—ranks as only the 14th happiest country in the world, with factors like wealth, life expectancy and freedom to make life choices playing a significant role in determining the stats. To make things worse, the study defines America as “a story of reduced happiness” and reports a decline in social support and an increase in corruption.

It’s partially because of these circumstances that Scandinavian countries beat out the US to top the list, with Norway taking the number one spot despite falling oil prices (one of its main industries) and freezing winter temperatures. Denmark (last year’s happiest country), Iceland, Switzerland and Finland rank not too far behind—so if you’re planning an out-of-country move or simply need a rejuvenating vacation, add these countries to your must-visit list.