Your Next Uber Ride Might Just Involve A Mini Spa On-The-Go

So you thought that complimentary water bottle on your Uber ride was a bonus? Well, think again. The car service app just got an upgrade through a limited-time partnership with a startup called Cargo, and it’s offering passengers not just snacks, gum and electronics but also beauty products like a full-size face mask. That’s right, you can now book your next ride with a mini spa treatment, courtesy of the Labotica Green Tea Soft Skin Mask that can help reduce inflammation and prevent breakouts as you sit comfortably in the backseat during the commute to work. All you need to do as soon as you hop in the car is visit the Cargo site, enter the code on the driver’s Cargo box and select the mask (free of charge!) from the menu of convenience items. Sure, the idea of a skincare treatment in an Uber sounds pretty insane, but it’s quite helpful for ladies on the go—especially en route to the airport or heading home from a night out on the town. We’ll take it.