6 Trips You Need to Take This Summer

As soon as Memorial Day hits, it seems like we have senioritis and all we want to do is plan vacations—and the options are endless. Not only are there a ton of locales to choose from (we’d like to travel the entire world, thanks), but there are so many different types of trips to take! Here are our recommendations for the six getaways to make this summer, if you can.


Don't Squander The Sun

Even the happiest of relationships sometimes need to rekindle the spark. Whether you stay in town or take a weekend getaway with bae, escaping the monotony of everyday life to focus on each other is important. The Carneros Resort and Spa in Napa features fireside butler service when you want to stay romantic and cozy. If you can't make it to wine country, look for a hotel, resort or spa in your town that's a little off the beaten path to ensure privacy.

We all need to recharge, but it isn't always easy to get away for a week. Enter the staycation: a chance to do and see all of the things we always plan on but are too busy for in real life. Want a massage? A weekend to read a book? You can check into a local hotel, but you can also turn your home into a Zen space for almost nothing. Grab some Epsom salts and candles and your bathroom becomes your personal spa. Explore the touristy attractions you never have the chance to as an on-the-go local (hello, Hollywood Stars Home Tours!). You'll see your city in a whole new light, and the combination of relaxation and activity will leave you feeling refreshed for your first day back at the office.

We all get by with a little help from our friends, so it's nice to leave the shenanigans of our lives behind and go away with our gal pals to let loose! Ditch the boyfriends, husbands and kids (if you've got 'em) and road trip with your besties for the weekend. If you live within driving distance of an area with vineyards, a weekend of wine tasting is the perfect setting for gossip and girl time. Really, any hotel with a pool and cocktails will make for great social media photos and stories that will last until your next girls' trip. Even a jaunt to an overnight spa will replenish your energy and your bond.

While it's tempting to rosé all day while on vacation, it's equally as important to be an intellectual, knowledgeable, well-rounded person—especially now! Every city in every country you visit has museums (which you absolutely should see and get to as many of as possible), but also take the time to talk to the locals. Find out what their interests and concerns are. How do they relax? What's their daily life like? Are your struggles similar or different? Of course it's great to go to a far-flung land (we're dying to check out India and Bhutan), but you don't have to book a transatlantic plane ticket for this type of trip. If you live in a bigger city or on one of America's coasts, travel inward. Live in the south? Skip down to Mexico. Up north? What "aboot" Canada, aye? (Vancouver is breathtaking!) The beauty of a cultural enrichment trip is that sometimes you don't have to go very far to learn about others.

Fitness and vacation may on the outset seem like an oxymoron, but we promise, this type of trip is a vacay well spent. It's totally possible to have a trip based around fitness that builds in relaxation as well. While throwing our Fitbit out the window and drinking piña coladas (and getting caught in the rain) is always a good time, a trip that focuses on wellness is something to consider too. The Ranch Malibu offers various programs with different activities, and their cuisine is entirely organic, plant-based and, of course, gourmet. Meanwhile, Bikini Bootcamp in Tulum, Mexico, offers six nights that include meditation, yoga, salsa dancing and even margaritas when you want to treat yo' self!

These trips can't happen every summer (unfortunately), but when they are financially feasible, take them. Not only is it fun to cross a foreign or exotic locale off your bucket list, but these trips also serve another purpose—they open our eyes and inspire us, which we inevitably bring back home. Whether you want to explore Asia, scuba dive in Fiji or go on an African safari for a week, the memories and experiences will last you a lifetime.