Southwest’s 3-Day Flash Sale Includes International Flights Under $100

Few things bring us greater joy than an airfare flash sale—especially now, as we’re starting to panic that summer’s fun is already on its way out and feel the need to plan as many adventures leading into fall as possible. Luckily, Southwest has just launched a three-day super sale discounting domestic and international flights taken between August 22 and December 13. From Florida, for example, you can fly to Belize or the Bahamas for $69 or to Cuba for $99 (one way). Houston’s only slightly more expensive, with flights to Belize listed at $128 and several Mexican destinations for less than $200. Flights to Cabo from LA are $138, from Chicago to Cancun are $189 and from Denver to Puerto Vallarta are $179. These are just a few examples of the many bargains to be snagged by this Thursday, July 27. See all international deals here and domestic deals here.