Kim And Kourtney Kardashian Just Took The All-Girls Trip To The Next Level

In today’s episode of Kim and Kourtney Take Mexico, the Kardashians give you a sneak peek of what went down when the two sisters gathered a bunch of friends for a vacation in Punta Mita to celebrate Kourtney’s 38th birthday. As expected, these girls went wild, and Kim provided fans with a social media play-by-play of the group’s hi-jinks. (Ahead: Naked cartwheels, special brownies and a whole lot of twerking—don’t say you weren’t warned.)

For proof, the reality star shared a somewhat NSFW post:

And if you were wondering what Kim herself was doing as everyone else went about their antics?

At the end of the day, all evidence of shenanigans were lost, as each and every one of the ladies posed for the camera looking absolutely stunning.

Clearly, this wasn’t your average vacay. (Stay tuned for the next episode when Kim and Kourtney return to Calabasas with months-long hangovers.)