The Introvert’s Travel Bucket List

Beach vacations are an obvious option for those who like nothing better than to curl up with a good book, enjoy nature and be left the f*%$ alone. Still, introverts aren’t always in the mood to just chill, and these destinations offer the perfect mix of stimulation and serenity. Here, our 2017 bucket list for the 1/3 of the population whose rich inner lives are rivaled only by their IRL adventures.


Kyoto, Japan

According to The Pinterest 100, Kyoto is going to be the hottest destination of 2017. This is good news for introverts, who are likely to feel more comfortable in Japan than they do in their own stateside, as it's a quieter culture. Check out our guide to Tokyo, and see below for our Kyoto recs.

What To Eat: Kinmata, for a traditional kaiseki meal.

Where To Stay: The Hoshinoya Resort, accessible only by boat.

What To See: Lose yourself in the breathtaking sites of the Sagano Bamboo Forest.


Zurich, Switzerland

The Swiss are also introverted people, which makes Zurich a desirable destination for those looking to blend into the background. Though known as a finance hub, Zurich actually has a burgeoning arts scene.

What To Eat: Try a private food tour of some of Zurich's finest.

Where To Stay: The wellness center at The Lady's First Hotel is female-only, which makes it the perfect space for those looking to truly focus inward. Or, pretend you're a princess with a stay at The Dolder Grande.

What To Do: Peruse one of Europe's best contemporary art collections at the Kunsthaus museum.


Hanoi, Vietnam

Sometimes called "the Paris of the Orient," Hanoi offers a mix of both natural and man-made wonders to take in, including temples, lakes and parks. It's definitely a destination which will jog the imagination without overwhelming the senses.

What To Eat: Bobby Chinn's for good views and world-famous Vietnamese cuisine.

Where To Stay: The Sofitel Legend Metropole Hotel, in the original part of the building.

What To Do: Wake up early to get to the city's flower market, and journey out to the Perfume Pagoda.


Copenhagen, Denmark

Anywhere which embraces coziness—or hygge, as the Danish call it—as a way of life is bound to be an ideal destination for introverts. As an added bonus, Danes aren't big on small talk or starting conversation with strangers, so you'll be free to dream uninterrupted during your stay.

What To Eat: Noma, obviously, if you can get in!

Where To Stay: The Nimb Hotel, because its exquisite rooms include fireplaces.

What To Do: The Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek gallery and its adjacent, cake-filled café as well as Illum, for the shopping.


Reykjavík, Iceland

If you go in the winter, you'll get only a few hours of daylight per day which, we think, makes this the ideal destination for introverts who like to spend the bulk of their time curled into the coziest corner of a restaurant with a book and a glass of wine. It's also safe and there are a lot of sights to see, which makes it an easy choice for solo travelers. Interesting fact: In Iceland, it's typically the women who hit on the men, so if you're looking to be left alone on your travels, you likely will be!

What To Eat: Dill, for locally-sourced dishes.

Where To Stay: Hotel Borg, in the city center.

What To Do: Blue Lagoon, one uber-touristy destination we don't recommend you skip.

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We added this country to everyone's bucket list last year. It's not yet overrun with travelers, as Bhutan's only been open to tourists for four decades and visitors remaining heavily regulated. There are also no Starbucks in Bhutan; instead, you'll be offered a rather antiquated and therefore quiet experience of authentic Bhutanese life.

What To Eat & Where To Stay: To visit Bhutan, you must go through a travel agency, which will book you into an all-inclusive trip for around $200 per day.

What To Do: Make the 90-minute trek up to Paro Taktsang, a.k.a. Snakes Nest.

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Ubud, Bali

There's a reason Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, Pray, Love, popularized Ubud as a destination for solo female travelers—it's safe, beautiful and as stimulating or zen-like as you want it to be on any given day. This writer even moved there for a time to escape the chaos of life in Los Angeles with lovely results.

What To Eat: Melting Wok, an affordable noodle shop of which this writer still dreams.

Where To Stay: Ubud offers an abundance of amazing Airbnbs at incredibly affordable prices. If you're in the mood for something a little more luxe, however, the Four Seasons is out of this world.

What To Do: The Monkey Forest is a must.


Helsinki, Finland

The Finnish are world-renowned introverts, so you'll fit right into this clean, quiet and sophisticated culture.

What To Eat: Kosmos, for the traditional Finnish food.

Where To Stay: The Klaus K, where you can book a room based on the emotion you're feeling (e.g. passion).

What To Do: The Suomelinna-Sveaborg Fortress, for the sites, art and shopping.