9 Creative Hacks For Racking Up Airline Miles

One of our goals for next year (yes, it’s nearly resolution time already) is to become one of those people who inexplicably flies all over the world for free, using only airline miles. We’re far from reaching this goal at present—all our miles are good for at this point are magazine subscriptions and maybe a one-way ticket to an undesirable destination, departing in the middle of a workday—but we’re determined nonetheless. To aid us in this endeavor, we’ve compiled a list of creative and not overly complicated ways to start earning miles ASAP. Adopt these now and prepare to make your Instagram followers jealous throughout 2017.


Fly For Free In 2017

Everything you buy online—from stores like Apple and Sephora—can earn you miles, and you're throwing away so many points if you're not going to your airline's portal first to search for your needed item. Often these airline stores offer exclusive deals as well—right now, for example, if you buy your books from Barnes & Noble via the American Airlines portal, you'll earn two miles for every dollar spent and save 15% on any purchase over $50.

Some airlines have partnerships with e-Rewards and e-Miles, which allow you to answer surveys in return for miles and award you bonus miles just for signing up. This is a great mindless activity to do while watching TV (if we could earn miles for scrolling Instagram, we'd be mileage millionaires, but until then this will have to suffice).

Using sites like ScoreBig and AudienceRewards, you can earn miles for purchasing concert, musical and other event tickets.

Club W offers 2,500 JetBlue miles when you sign up to become a member, and you can continue to earn points on future wine purchases through the company as well. Meanwhile, Vinesse wine club offers mileage points with American, United and Delta.

Several airlines have programs that earn you miles for dining out, even if you don't have a specific mileage card for that airline. American and United, for example, offer programs with thousands of restaurants, bars and clubs. Every time you dine or drink with one of them, you'll earn up to five miles per dollar spent.

American, United and Delta offer rewards for opening a non-retirement Fidelity investment account.

When booking spa treatments, use Spafinder Wellness 365 to earn miles on select airlines (for American, it's three miles per dollar).

American offers miles for every dollar donated to Susan G. Komen, the National Foundation for Cancer Research and the USO.

Whenever you're utilizing any of the tricks of the trade listed above, make sure you're spending on a credit card that earns you miles for every dollar you spend (be sure to pay off your balance monthly so you don't accrue fees). This way, you'll double up on the miles you earn on every purchase. Here are some of our favorite mileage-earning cards.