THIS Is The Big New Trend In Travel, According To Pinterest

Today, Pinterest released its 2017 Travel Report, and we couldn’t help but notice the inclusion of a few trends we’ve had our eye on as of late. According to the data, interest in “group travel” is up on the platform by 367%. This makes sense to us, as more millennials are staying single longer, and are looking for alternatives to the traditional couple’s trip and/or ways to travel solo without being totally alone. If you’re among this demographic, you may want to check out the following three companies, all of which are boutique travel firms that offer programs for globetrotting with like-minded individuals wherever your wanderlust leads you.


The Latest Trend In Travel


For The Love Of Travel

For The Love Of Travel is a company that arranges group trips for millennial creatives, entrepreneurs and other assorted cool kids. They're designed for those who wouldn't be caught dead with a traditional tour guide, but who are looking for authentic experiences—and don't want to do the legwork that planning usually requires. An upcoming trip to Paris and Bordeaux, for example, includes activities such as boating, wine tasting, a jazz night and sand-dune racing (?!?). The trips are all inclusive, minus airfare and non-group meals. If you can't swing international travel, FTLOT also offers domestic weekenders.


El Camino Travel

El Camino is a similar concept as the one mentioned above, and we've actually traveled with them before to Trinidad + Tobago. Having done so, we can attest to the bonding that happens when you're traveling with strangers, as a few of our fellow explorers on that trip are now some of our best friends. If you're an Instagram fanatic, one of the differentiating perks of El Camino Travel is that a professional photographer will accompany you wherever you go (just be wary of how much you imbibe when the cameras are rolling). Right now, we're eyeing their upcoming trip to Cuba.


Coast To Costa

Coast to Costa focuses on travel with a super local-feeling experience, specializing in trips to Spain, Mexico and Cuba. One perk of this service is that airfare is included in the pricing of the trip, which means you're likely getting a bit of a pro discount. Note: Expect to stay in shared accommodations via all three of these companies, which sounds awkward, but can actually be really fun.