Flights To Hawaii Are About To Get Super Cheap, And We’re Like, Byeeeee

United is like the cheating ex-boyfriend who’ll do anything to make us forget his transgressions and love him like we used to—the airline really, really wants us to forget that time it dragged someone off one of its flights by brute force for no good reason whatsoever. While we’re not quite there yet, the fact that it’s releasing a bunch of new flights to Hawaii—around 40 daily—at the end of this year might help us entertain amnesia. Beginning December 20, United will have the most daily flights to Hawaii of any airline as it adds additional service to Kauai, the Big Island, Maui and Oahu from several major US cities. This will likely cause all flights to Hawaii to drop in price. Thrillist notes fares are already dropping from the West Coast and predicts tickets to the islands—no matter which coast you’re on—will cost you less than $400 round-trip by Christmas. We’re so excited by this news that we’re going to use it as an excuse to leave work early, drink mai tais and fantasize about taking the boyfriends and beach bodies we don’t have to Honolulu for the holidays. Ke aloha!