Grab A Friend Or Lover—Flights To Greece Are 2 For 1 Right Now

If you’re sick of feeling like everyone you know is in Europe right now without you, we’ve got good news. Until tomorrow at 11:59pm (EST), Emirates Airlines is offering 2-for-1 tickets to Greece for just $799 per duo, round-trip. Travel dates open up as soon as September 17 and stretch until December 18—including Thanksgiving—and then are available again from December 25 (NYE!) to March 30 and April 9 to May 15. Trips are required to be a minimum of seven days long in order for the travelers to qualify for this fare deal, which is a real twist of the arm. (Please don’t make us vacation for the whole week! How φρικτός!)

If you prefer solo travel, perhaps as it best enables the meeting of an attractive Greek person through whom to secure a European passport, fret not: Single fares aren’t much more expensive, at just $449 per round-trip ticket. Go it alone or forward this to a friend, lover or even semi-tolerable coworker ASAP to take Insta revenge on all those summer travelers well into the fall and beyond (and, you know, have a lovely vacation, too).