This Is The Best Day To Fly For Cheap This Summer

As temperatures start to tick upward at long last, we’re dreaming of European vacations, or at the very least a little beach time in Miami. Our wallets, however, aren’t quite as prepared for jet-setting after a winter spent abusing our Postmates accounts (and then some). Luckily, Cheap Air did some research to ease the burden of travel planning, pinpointing upcoming budget-friendly days to fly. All in all, the online agency discovered that this summer will be more affordable than last—finally, some good news—and that early June will be the best time to travel. More specifically, June 6 is the cheapest day of the entire summer, though we’re not sure how long those low fares will last once news hits the streets and everybody starts to buy flights. “The data clearly shows the best value for summer travel can be found the first half of June,” Cheap Air CEO Jeff Klee told Conde Nast Traveler. Other affordable dates include August 22 and September 12, if you can wait that long to get out of town. “August airfares are, on average, around 7% less expensive than July,” said Klee. “You can really save money by avoiding July travel.”

So, there you have it—spend July barbecuing in your own backyard and plan your trips for early June or the tail end of summer. To further save, avoid booking on peak days and instead opt to split town on a Tuesday or a Wednesday—you’ll save an average of $62 per ticket this way. Not sure where to go (and spend all the money you saved)? Check out your travel horoscope for 2017 here.